How to do Email Marketing

1. Provide an email preference centre
2. Provide a search function for your site the email
3. Add a link to forward the email to a friend
4. Display a subscription link
5. Show an "Add to Safe Senders" button
How to Build a List

1. Send the invites for partner events
2. Add a registration form on content
3. Offer incentives to promote opt-ins
4. Use social media
5. Always cleanse the list
How to Design a Landing Page

1. Tell people what to do
2. Have one purpose
3. Be concise
4. Maximize your real estate
5. Grab their attention
6. Call to Actions!
What is Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a way to quantify prospects for potential value, to allow you to:

1. Reduce the background noise in your data
2. Focus on targeted leads
3. Better segment your messages
What is Guerrilla Marketing?

With new creative and adaptive techniques, marketing VP's are looking to blitz the market and generate better, faster leads, and build more sales.
Marketing Campaigns

1. Multitouch
2. Consistency
3. Goals and measurements
4. A/B testing
5. Check your channels
How to Promote Your Webinar

1. Provide an email preference centre
1. Put it on your website
2. Blogs
3. Social Media
4. Partner Marketing
5. Email Signatures
6. Content Marketing
Lead Nurturing

1. Communicate
2. Opt-ins only
3. Add value
4. Periodic communication
5. Establish thought leadership
What is Outsourced Marketing?

Simply outsourcing your marketing to a contractor or firm and the benefits can me monumental!